Underlined Passages – “Bifurcation”

Comprised of Jamaal Turner and Michael Nestor, Underlined Passages deliver tight, infectious indie-pop sounds that we can relive all over again through their upcoming album release Retrospective here

During a time where everyone in the world has been going inwards and finding ways to dissect how they feel, Underlined Passages has been adding to their collection of music in the meantime while getting ready to release new music out into the world. Musician Michael Nestor (Underlined Passages, ex-The Seldon Plan) and producer/engineer Frank Marchand (Bob Mould, Sugar, The Thermals) came together after a two year hiatus to create new music again.

In the midst of an honest conversation about what their next project will look like, they came up with the idea of putting together everything they’ve put out into the world over their 20 year time-span of working together in the past into the 34-track remastered album Retrospective.

Retrospective is a double CD deluxe set containing 34 remastered songs from the past 20 years Michael Nestor has been creating music. It’ll also include a limited-edition 66-page booklet telling the early history of some of these bands Pupa’s Window, lowell, and The Seldon Plan. 50% of the proceeds will go towards the American Red Cross for COVID-19 and disaster relief.

Dislplaying his musical growth and songwriting development throughout the years, the track “Bifurcation” is the first new song from the band since 2017. The soft-Rock ballad discusses how we are all one in this vast universe filled with people each doing their own thing. The sounds of the relaxed drums, loose guitars, and emotionally-intense vocals capture our attention as they discuss serious matter sthat affected us all.

“Bifurcation”will help you reminisce on the life changing last few months of this year while enjoying the impressive lyricism and sounds flowing in the background.

Alongside releases such as “Try, Try,” “That Time You Dreamed,” “Making Circles,” and “Going Nowhere Slow,” their Nostalgic Indie Alternative, Indie Pop, and College Rock musical styles shine across their songs full of soulful, borderline-wistful vocals, catchy and twangy guitars. Each release represents their signature sound in its own unique way that blends together what they’re all about as musicians.


“Thank you to all the musicians who have made these songs happen and to all the people who have supported this music, you have made this journey worthwhile,” Michael Nestor says.

Stay tuned for the release of Retrospective available on November 6, 2020 through Mint 400 Records. Purchase Retrospective hereListen to Underlined Passages’ past releases to get ready for this exciting new release in the meantime!


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