Unleash Your Artistic Creativity

I’ve recently discovered a fabulous new music website for the creative industry.

Muzicity is for artistic individuals to buy music and use as backing tracks to complement their creative projects.

The thousands of songs and instrumentals on Muzicity are uploaded by a global community of music-makers, so filmmakers, games developers, songwriters or vocalists will definitely have no trouble in finding the perfect music to blend seamlessly with their project.

Since its recent launch Muzicity has been wowing its initial users immensely and music-makers from as far afield as the United States, Germany and Brazil are generating income for themselves.

I’ve seen songs sell for $1 and others for $50 and music-makers are instantly sent the majority, if not all of the sale price.

The comment section is what sets Muzicity apart; it’s very interactive and provides the friendly feel of the website.

The comment page is populated with the latest music and videos and the comments comes from actual music enthusiasts, so you can bet on direct feedback.

Browsing through the profile pages of music-makers on the website and the search feature on the music player are both really easy to use as there are multiple filtering options to help buyers find the right genres, mood, tempo and price.

The music players are also amazing promotional tools, music can be shared on social media platforms and music-makers can embed their music player on websites.

Muzicity has found the perfect balance between a social media space for music-makers and a music library for the creative sector.

Muzicity was created by Johnny Walker, a black entrepreneur and music producer from Brixton, London who has been involved the music industry for over 30 years.

He said: “I think Muzicity is filling the void for the talent in the industry looking to unleash their creativity.

After setting up their artist or band page, music-makers upload their music, set the sale price and within minutes can start selling their music.”

Uploading music to Muzicity is free, so this is a great opportunity for music-makers to expand audiences, promote their music and generate an alternative income.

I found the website to have a detailed FAQ page which is useful for most questions.

Looking to buy or sell music, then visit muzicity.co.uk and go on a journey of discovery to “unleash your creativity”.

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