Vellichor Release New Self Titled EP “Vellichor”

London-based Jazz quartet, Vellichor, solidifies their unwinding sound with the release of their brand new self titled EP unifyijng jazz beats into pop culture. Its with a mix of popular aspects from the 90’s hip-hop scene and contemporary London Jazz sound that Vellichor strikes a chord with everyone who listens.

Influenced by their range in musical backgrounds from Somerset, Glasgow and South London, Vellichor’s members each bring their distinct sound into the group.

Soothing jazzy sounds transcend in the short opening track “Treacle Tart,” which then leads to the piano-filled “Mandarin Duck” that feels like you’re treading on water and able to achieve anything. “Spiral Vider” anticipates your arrival with jumpy beats perfect for any drama escalating scene you’ve probably seen on TV.

As the longest track on the album, “Anna” slows it down for a gentle new song that makes you feel the love flowing through each instrument past the wind and into your ears. It’s relaxing and freeing. The final track “NSK1” leaves listeners fulfilled as they complete the entire EP.

Vellichor’s new album is an extraordinary treat filled with gentle sounds perfect for any mood. Play Vellichor next time you need some relaxing new music to get you through the day!

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