Velvet Shakes  – “World”

Manchester-based four-piece Velvet Shakes  is setting themselves apart from the other UK bands through the merge of their self-conscious and optimistic outlook on life. “World” is their newest single bringing to the forefront how important it is to care for our planet, especially during a time where they believe a mass awakening needs to occur for the country to change positively.

Written, recorded, and produced by Josh Bithell, he took an odd occurrence when overhearing someone say “walking around the world” as part of his conversation to create the hook for the single. “I won’t go without my love/ When I’m walking around the world/ Come in my world, I’m in my world,” they sing to an upbeat, psychedelic synth and disco-infused groove that will get listeners dancing along.

The four-piece includes Josh Bithell (Vocals & Synth & Guitar), Scott Hill (Guitar & Vocals), Louie Donnelly (Bass Guitar), and Anthony Hickey (Drums), who all came together in 2018 to share their enthusiastic love for music.

“World” is just what the world needs at the moment while Velvet Shakes makes sure people can dance away the negativity imposed on the world and only focus on the positivity.


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