Victoria Owsnett – “Thrones”

There’s almost always been that universal moment in our lives where we felt like the outcasts in each group we ever participated in and tried to maneuver. Singer-songwriter Victoria Owsnett speaks of these experienced emotions in her newest single “Thrones.”

Owsnett brings in her own perspective of someone who grew up being unpopular and looking up at the people who seemed to be at the top of the imaginary social food chain.

The 23-year-old delivers a distinctive Pop sound in this debut solo release that’ll hook listeners in instantly. Not only does she exemplify the emotions of feeling inadequate while growing up, she also uses her influential storytelling abilities to turn the story around to explain how it feels when the once unpopular person finds themselves and realises they are good enough as they are.

“Thrones” is just the beginning for Victoria Owsnett in 2020. It’s upbeat sounds merge with relevant lyricisms that invite listeners into her world with pure honesty, optimism, and sense of discovery of self love within her situation.

Continue to follow her journey as she navigates her preferred musical sound and releases collaborations with artists from all over the world.


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