VIEVANESSA – “Controlled”

Inspired by the negative reactions musician and children’s music artist, VIEVANESSA, saw about Jennifer Lopez and Shakira while they were performing in the Halftime Superbowl Show, she decided to publish “Controlled” as a much-needed response.

“Controlled” was written many years ago but with the recent events, it feels fitting to finally share it with the world.

“As a Latina, I found it damaging and hurtful to Latinas who are accomplished, beautiful and talented performers to be verbally reduced to strippers and whores by the American public. It sends a terrible message… I felt the need to create something to offset the negativity,” VIEVANESSA explains.

The music video shows a compilation of women who have been all around superheroes and rocking it in the media industry throughout the past few decades. Viewers may recognize popular actresses and singers such as Cameron Diaz, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Celia Cruz, and so many more prominent women in the industry.

Placed altogether, the visuals show a visually appealing and inspiring video showcasing how women have dominated the industry and deserve to be given the respect they deserve, especially the two record breaking women such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Lyrically, VIEVANESSA doesn’t hold back on how she feels about the entire situation. She mentions how people’s judgements won’t bring her down. Women have had to fight harder to make their way to the top and the comments of other people who could never do what they did on Superbowl Sunday should matter.

VIEVANESSA remains sincere and honest about her emotions with high-speed guitars playing along in the background. “I won’t be held down” she sings.

Watch the music video and feel inspired by these powerful women after watching their incredible performance in the Halftime Superbowl Show:


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