Vincent Krennerich – “Gedanke”

Vincent Krennerich releases the music video for his newest composition “Gedanke,” which is inspired by the idea of having a restless state of mind and unknowing what to do about it all.

Choreographer and dancer Nastya Memphis displays the push and pull of the universe while trying to get settled into what one desires. As she moves around the dining room, she displays a variety of moves as she tries to get a hold of everything she feels.

By the end of the video, she’s finally able to rest her head as the camera zooms in closer into her face to show the peace she’s finally able to feel after everything she has experienced. The slow moving music video is captivating, as we’re unsure of what’s coming next while we watch her move alongside the increasing momentum of the sounds on the piano.

The German pianist and composer Vincent Krennerich specializes in the musical genres of Piano, neo-classical, and new age. His compositions make the listeners feel light, comforted, and ready to step into their positions of power. Krennerich truly has the gift of creating music that makes listeners feel better.

Stream his EPs “Lebendig,” “Herbst,” and past releases on Spotify!


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