VolX, Bstar, & Jessica Raeanne – “Civil War”

The Black Lives Matters movement is a pivotal moment in history in 2020. “Civil War” comes as a response to the destructive events that transformed the movement into one of the most important causes of the year.

Rapper Bstar, singer Jessica Raeanne, and music producer/ professional violinist VolX stand in unity in their newest release  “Civil War” memorializing the Black Lives Matters movement. Bstar and Jessica Raeanne take turns turning the song into a relevant narrative with the use of captivating story-telling urging us to “SAY THE NAMES.”

The visuals include actual scenes from protests in this generation as well as decades ago when this issue became prevalent to society. They stand their ground in what seems like the middle of nowhere, as they reminisce on the injustices imposed on the Black communities including Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

Music Producer and Professional Violinist VolX brings his own unique flavor to the emotionally-driven single disucssing serious events in history. This addition puts an intriguing twist on the soft-paced single flowing on peaceful Hip-Hop/Rap instrumentals and real life sounds of police cars. Once he enters the song, the emotions transform as the intensity of the raps increase.


New Yorker sharing some of her favorite music. Thanks for checking it out!

2 thoughts on “VolX, Bstar, & Jessica Raeanne – “Civil War”

    1. Bstar , is very talented and truly an inspiration. . His lyrics was true and deep. I love the video. This young artist is headed straight to the top.

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