Vybn Offers Music Fans More Music With Less Ads

Searching for new music can be one of the most exciting parts of my job as a freelance writer who’s always on the hunt for undiscovered artists to showcase on this blog. I recently discovered Vybn, a new streaming service for music lovers all over the world that allows users to create their own personalized radio stations, interact live with listeners, with over 50 Million tracks including all 3 major labels (Warner, Sony, Universal). Its functionality is unlike any other with a easy-to-use user interface making every use an enjoyable experience.

Here are a couple of noteworthy aspects of the app Vybn:

  • Create Personalized Radio Stations
  • Categorize songs as you listen and adjust play settings to fit your vybe
  • Over 50 Million tracks including all 3 major labels
  • Find and add tracks to your existing station
  • Get the latest music news
  • Connect with other users
  • Broadcast your station to the rest of the community
  • Social networking options

Overall, Vybn is a great fit for any music lover looking for a new platform to find new music without the usual hassle of dealing with ads and other unnecessary components taking away from the listening experience. Thousands of users can join up to listen to and discuss the stations and music that matter to us. The app is currently available on AppleandGoogle Play Store

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