Walk The Waves – “Realized”

Walk the Waves, a Los Angeles-based three piece Indie Pop band, gain new fans with the premiere of their newest single and music video titled “Realized.”

This new single prepares Walk the Waves for the release of their debut EP Thoughts before I Sleep. “Realized” displays their candid lyricism and danceable 80s sound blending together to show what’s to come from the band in 2020. This is the first taste and it’s definitely pulling us in for more!

Jazley Chua, Davison Ancheril, and Daniel Ancheril unite to form Walk the Waves and draws influence from disco guitar sounds and artists like the 1975 and The Weeknd. Together, they put together their feel-good kind of Indie-Pop Rock that everyone can enjoy.

The music video is unique all on its own. Bright colors, huge smiles, and lots of sheep fill the screen as the trio sing about realizing they can’t live without one specific person in their lives. The fun, eccentric video is just a glimpse of the exciting content coming in the future!

Listen to “Realized” below and keep up with their their social media accounts for future releases!


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