INTRODUCING: Wartonno Sound – “Behind Glass”

“Have you ever felt so far and, at the same time, so close to a person? It’s like being on the opposite sides of a glass panel: you can see the other person, but you can’t hear them or touch them,” Wartonno Sound asks.

Contemporary solo pianist and composer, Wartonno Sound, finds solace in his newest single “Behind Glass.” As Lo-fi music becomes a more popular genre, it has the power to grab their listener’s attention right from the start.

Wartonno Sound expresses his feelings towards a girl while this single doesn’t turn away from its typical and very much appreciated characteristics. Each small break in this down-tempo, steady beat, lo-fi chill-out track maintains a calming, loving and melancholic feel to it that’s fitting for any occasion.

Lo-fi music has an intricate sense of story stelling that not every musician can master yet Wartonno Sound does this so gracefully. It took us several listens to “Behind Glass” to fully understand the story and importance of each musical placement in the song.

We hope listeners can appreciate this single just as much as we do:


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