Wembi – “Heartbeat Of My Life”

Soulful singer, songwriter, and producer Wembi shares a heartfelt, piano-led composition “Heartbeat Of My Life” where he shares his love and truth for someone in his life.

“Heartbeat Of My Life” takes listeners through a journey of self exploration and embracing human dependency. As the pop ballad treads on, we hear the piano filled song turn into a full ensemble with Wembi’s powerful vocals taking over. Every lyric and beat begs for your attention with its heartwarming lyrics and consistently flowing instruments in the background.

Wembi combines an irresistible style of Pop, Neo Soul, ballads, EDM, R&B, and Jazz Fusion in his songs that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re thinking it may not work all together, listen to one or all of his songs to hear the differences!

Currently based in California, Wembi takes his years of songwriting and musical skills to deliver work that every single person on this earth can enjoy. The journey, musicianship, and craft offers more than what you may find in a typical music playlist.

As a teen, he taught himself to play the piano and soon began writing his own songs. In an interview, he speaks about his mission to write authentic music that people can relate to. “I wanted to be original and so I wrote original songs,” he said. “This has not changed.”

He continues speaking about his experiences, “I am authentic and my music is both original and a direct extension of who I am and what I believe. I am well-educated and well-traveled and, as a result, not a one-dimensional individual.”

Music is universal. As Wembi tries to connect with every soul that discovers his music, he leaves a long lasting impression because of how he chooses to do so. He enjoys the simplicity of how music can have a ever-lasting effect and how lifechanging a song can be for one person.

If you do one thing today, make it to isten to “Heartbeat Of My Life” and read Wembi’s story. We’re sure you’ll find inspiration in every word and a sense that life truly is what you make of it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

If you enjoyed “Heartbeat Of My Life,” make sure to listen to Wembi’s 8-track album Perspective here. The upbeat tempos, smooth integrations of different albums, and catchy flows makes this a timeless album that inspires change, movement, and happiness. Tracks like “Seductive Eyes,” “Puerto Rico,” and “A Promise” deliver truth, healing, and social awareness bound to inspire us to make something of our lives.

“My goal is to take the listener on a journey throughout the album,” Wembi said in an interview.”I finish the album as I always do, with a short positive and optimistic song. This is to symbolize that despite the emotional ups and downs that we go through in our individual lives, the Future, no matter how bad the Past was, can always be bright and hopeful.”

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