West Palm Beach Florida Rapper known as Lil Buez

Has confirm that he’ll be releasing his upcoming album in 2020, he have not given an official release date on when it’s going to be officially release yet. But Lil buez had a few things he mention on his Google post.

Lil Buez has confidence that his album is going to be really good he even went as far as saying his album is going to be a “MASTER PIECE!” Lil Buez mention that the album is going to have around 10 songs or more in it. He did not include the name for his upcoming album. Lil Buez even stated that he was supposed to release the album early but do to past problems the album was delayed.

Lil Buez known for his single “The Promise” and a few pass singles that he drop this year bringing in over 30k+ streams on Spotify and 40k+ streams on SoundCloud all together over 70k+ streams. Now he’s currently working on his very first album to be release in 2020.

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