Willow Robinson Drops Fourth EP “Fall”

Willow Robinson releases his three-song fourth and final seasonal EP Fall celebrating the ever-changing seasons where we all experience some kind of change in our lives. Each song is full of a nostalgic vibe accepting what is but also reminiscing how each moment felt at the time.

With a guitar in hand, dreams of sharing his music with the world, and two supportive music producers, Robinson set out to stay in Los Angeles longer than anticipated to create new music. Each fresh, creative experience led to the releases of WinterSpring, Summer, and the latest Fall.

Opener “Fall” breathes in a breath of fresh air with the melodic sounds of the acoustic guitar flowing through the soundwaves. His melodies set the tone for a contrasting element of surprise in the next two singles charged with Rock, Pop, Chill, Alternative, and Psychedelic sounds.

“Weight Of The World” holds on to the power of gripping synths, vocals, airy drum patterns, and hard-hitting rhythm guitar to share his views on the way certain societal norms have been idolized. The Alternative-Pop/Rock instrumentals make this a pleasurable single showing how his music is quickly taking his career by storm.

The painful turmoil of a relationship ending is encompassed in the heartbreak and excitement of “Goodnight,” where Willow Robinson accepts their fate with a warm, mellow flow in the Americana-twinged and ’70s rock single. The steel guitars and melodic riffs close out a particularly enjoyable series of releases celebrating life, heartbreak, and the unknowingness of what’s coming next.

If you haven’t heard it yet, find Fall on all streaming platforms.




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