World Goes Round – “Big House”

World Goes Round release “Big House,” a single that’s finally being celebrated and getting the recognition it deserves after first being written many decades ago. Formed in the 1980’s, World Goes Round wrote and recorded this new single in 1989, which is now being released in 2020 as one of their most looked out for singles of the year.

The music video shows invigorating visuals in an old-school way that displays the life we’re constantly living on this earth when it comes to dealing with social injustice. It was first written as a wake up call thirty years ago and it’s even more relevant now in this time period.

Their fast-paced, intricate 80’s sound is booming through the single. It’ll make you want to get up and dance while singing along to the catchy, relevant lyrics.

“As the lyric goes, ‘So we do the dance – take it for granted, you tell the truth – they don’t understand it,” guitarist Marty Walsh mentions, “It is quite amazing and gratifying that this work we did back then, and put our heart and souls into, is being released. We are finally letting the world in on World Goes Round!”

If you’re into the 80’s sound that roared through the music industry back in the day, you’ll definitely enjoy this track filled with noteworthy 80’s vibes.

Check out “Big House” available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Youtube, and more right HERE!


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