Xaatu – “Save Me”

Xaatu returns with a relaxing yet mind-blowing new single to get you all dancing along to the beats. “Save Me” runs smoothly with its clear production and fun, one of a kind vocal effects.

Currently being played on BBC Radio, “Save Me” has received tons of positive accolades since its release. Its unique features are what makes this producer stand out alongside others. His newest single includes elements of Trap and Wave, combined with experimental electronic soundscapes that appeal to listeners of all genres.

“I was stuck in Berlin airport for like 10 hours right around when coronavirus was starting… and flights were getting cancelled,” Xaatu explains about the creation of the song. “So I put my headphones on.. then ended up really enjoying it and carried on making it once I got home.”

The 24-year-old, Sandy Quigley, started producing at the age of 16 after spending a majority of his life listening to all sorts of music from Emo and Pop Punk to Dubstep and Classical – and everything in-between.

“Save Me” is the kind of song you’d want to play when you’re feeling in a funk and want to feel better again. The repetition of the bass mixed with the ranging beats of the drums, vocals and synths flow naturally that makes this single hard to forget once you hear it for the first time.

Keep up with Xaatu online to find out about his upcoming releases and the dates for his international shows coming later this year. This is one rising performer you won’t want to miss!


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