Xades Unveils New “Shaded” EP

Xades (pronounced shades) is the newest creation of the DJ and curator known mostly under MSJY. Whilst MSJY’s DJ sets are known for their heavy bass drip and bouncy rhythmic darkness, Xades is an ode to the sweet latina soul hidden underneath the tiny powerhouse bouncing behind the booth. Whilst it is certainly new to hear the voice behind the sound, MSJY has been spreading her music all over the world for more than 8 years.

By using it as a portal to connect to people and interact with her surroundings, she enjoys exploring its various soundscapes with a sharp mind, sensitive ear and dedicated heart. The Dekmantel affiliated selector as well as a former resident at Amsterdam‘s De School, Groningen’s OOST and Berlin‘s Griessmuehle is known for thought- and playful sets that dig into bass and breaks adding dashes of her passed influences of trip-hop and IDM. As Xades, Jenny explores her voice and songwriting, extending her tentacles into different genres, serving a vulnerable exploration that transitions smoothly from dub, downtempo electronica and contemporary R&B. Her multiplicitous musical and cultural roots (Brazilian mother, Argentinian father, Swiss passport) seep through all the versatile layers of her sound.

Following the success of her recent singles “Shaded” and “Locked In”, Xades is back and dropping her Shaded EP! Leading with focus track “Me Duele”, listeners are served a groovy neo soul/hip-hop banger with hook reminiscent of her Latina background and the early Kali Uchis. Despite the sensitive title (“it hurts me”) and the nostalgic theme (missing her partner in a long distance relationship) the song breathes serious summer vibes including an infectious sax solo and Xades’ effortlessly melodious raps.

A perfectionist at heart, it needed a gentle push by her partner (in crime, music, and life) to find the confidence to share an album that proves that finesse for depth and layer her long-time listeners have always admired her for. She’s set to have an incredible year!


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