XanderJay – “A Heart Half Full”

Los Angeles-based 20 year old rapper, XanderJay, is slowly going to become your new favorite artist! His new EP A Heart Half Full is a contagious mix of Hip Hop, Indie, Alternative and Pop where he discusses the troubles in his life.

Fans of Juice Wrld, Post Malone, and Lil Skies will enjoy his music from the start to the very end. With each single from the 5-track EP, fans will notice his ability to produce smooth and energetic flows while keeping a tight focus on the words he uses.

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The EP opens up with “Old Memories,” a nostalgic track where XanderJay reminisces on the past experiences in his life. As we grow older, it becomes easier to forget the moments in our lives that shaped us into the people we are today, yet XanderJay wants to keep memories alive after going through a breakup. His heartfelt lyrics run over a gentle range of background beats.

“Goodbyes” is a sad track on A Heart Half Full after a breakup leads to having to say goodbye to one another. “She had to make goodbye so fucking hard/ let her break my heart,” he sings on the hook. Drawing influence from the rapper Juice Wrld who left the rap world this past year, “Goodbyes” keeps things real.

After the heartbreaking death of Juice Wrld, XanderJay released a lengthy message on Instagram thanking his idol. “@juicewrld999 is one of the artists you don’t often get. Juice has always been special in my eyes ever since I first heard “rainbow” I knew he was one to watch out for,” he begins.

Then ends the message with, “To think that he’s gone, at this moment, doesn’t really make sense to me. I can’t believe I was about to see my man in a week from now at Rolling Loud for the first time in my life. I will always appreciate the music you left behind. Rest easy”

The following single, “Adding this Stress,” is just like the other songs on the EP: catchy and doesn’t miss a single beat. His raps are sharp as the stress sounds like it’s left him feeling drained with life. He’s blunt as he has every right to be.

“Shooting Stars” gives props to the artists currently making their dreams come true. XanderJay is in that stage where he’s shooting for the stars and starting to make his music career a reality. He sings about spending nights in his car looking forward to the day he makes it.

The final track “Really Done” isn’t anything close to what it appears. This isn’t the end for XanderJay, this is just the beginning. The artist Russ is channeled throughout this song with the raps and the way the song transitions through the full two minutes.

For XanderJay’s first EP project, there was so much thought put into it. Every hook, beat, and lyric makes this an original that gives props to the artists that influenced him and his music. A Heart Half Full is full of so much heart. Listen for your self here:

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