Xavier Toscano – “Runaway”

Xavier Toscano merges his favorite musical genres to bring a genius piece of work with his energetic single, “Runaway.”

His newest single, “Runaway,” reminds listeners that pop music is meant to be created to make us feel good. The uptempo song jam-packed with mesmerising beats and rhythms, combined with a catchy chorus inspires us to stop what we’re doing and move along to the beat.

The music video for “Runaway” starts off with a wild array of visuals that combine live action and enhanced CGI footage. Throughout the entrancing journey, we see Xavier transform from an average singer to a full-blown pop star. Each scene inside the moving square features Xavier diving into his presence and embracing his newfoundmpersona. It’s completely unique and makes the whole 3-minute video enjoyable and not seem like it’s just dragging along.

Listeners interested in different varieties of music merged into one will enjoy how Xavier blends his love of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B into something that isn’t considered the usual in the music industry. his typical routine. Fans who go to his shows know they’ll be getting an energetic show that they can’t find in many artists.

“Runaway” definitely is timeless and will make a great song to listen to for decades to come. If you enjoy music videos with lots of changes, high tempo and bright colors, make sure to watch the video for “Runaway”!

Hear more music from Xavier Toscano on his official website and follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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