Zainhy Brings Good Energy On “Ballin'”

Zainhy creates a psychedelic and chill vibe with his latest single “Ballin'” displaying him completely in his element as he appreciates the moments of adversity that helped him land on his two feet. The accompanying music video shows Zainhy “Ballin'” in a variety of locations while in a zen, dazed mood moving through his everyday life and enjoying his time with the people around him. Life isn’t bringing him down and he’s making sure his listeners get into the same state of being with its smooth instrumental production.

The producer and recording artist from Haiti brings a fresh perspective to the psychedelic R&B genre with a lowkey set of synths keeping his vocals and storyline on having his own freedom to live his life in the way he wants to the forefront. His catchy lyricism produces an interesting effect through its simplicity in its choices of beats and his overall charismatic energy flowing from start to finish. Zainhy leaves listeners wanting more with this one release.

“Ballin'” is simply captivating and quickly stays stuck in our heads after a few listens. Make sure to check it out yourself:



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