Zandra Vibes – “Don’t Wanna Leave”

Zandra Vibes shines as her appealing cosmic atmospheres and effects blends with light, engaging vocals in “Don’t Wanna Leave.”

The Alternative R&B Artist fuses a contagious mix of R&B with trap elements that have the ability of brightening up someone’s day. Her newest single “Don’t Wanna Leave” is all about self-confidence and knowing your worth. It’s so easy to get lost in who you are when you’re in a relationship but Zandra Vibes attempts to remind listeners to love who they are no matter what.

Music has the ability to make us feel like we’re lost in another world for a few minutes and Zandra Vibes easily enthralls viewers with her powerful words and beaming presence.

Echoing her positive message are a group of friends and followers who created their own videos singing along to “Don’t Wanna Leave.” They each show how much fun they’re having singling along. The unique concept unites people from all over the world for an enjoyable, laid-back lyric video of everyone dancing along.

“Don’t Wanna Leave” is the perfect song to play when you need a confidence boost! Make sure to check it out and follow Zandra Vibes online for a ton of positive vibes.


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