Zara Desai Brings Out New Album “On Point”

The art is universal language of love. It cannot be locked into age factors or geographical boundaries. Zara Desai, only thirteen year old is the one of those young energetic souls. She belongs to North Carolina, her father Kenz Desai is dedicated music producer.  She started her career at five years of age with her dad. The mentorship proved very helpful for Zara. She performs throughout USA with renowned names in choreography. Her devotion has provided her with new vistas of opportunities.

Zara is versatile choreographer and performer her many videos went viral in USA and in rest of the world. Her recent project “On Point” is just released. The album is very innovative effort of little artist. Planetary Wonder and Deep South are two tracks in the album. This is her debut album with finest efforts.  The hip-hop class of music is well organized into her work. She is the torch bearer of youth in world. The worth, she has shown in dance is praiseworthy. Not only in USA has she earned quite fame but also in different parts of the world. The training she started at five years of age has long left impact on her talent. Her father Kenz Desai has prominent role for motivating her as great performer.

Zara Desai has given her best in her debut album. She has done remarkable job apart from her other vocal performances. The album shall be a major breakthrough for the young lady. She has lived up to the expectations of her fans and she is hopeful with her best efforts she will earn the name in future.


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