Zeeish – GEN OF PAIN: Story of Sticks and Stones

Released this past July, GEN OF PAIN: Story of Sticks and Stones includes twelve tracks highlighting the lonely and painful times of 2020 from his own point of view. It’s a relatable collection of songs that pull at our heart strings while finding ourselves identifying with his thoughts towards a a variety of situations.

This album follows Gen of Dreams, which discusses the split of a relationship as two individuals identify their differing dreams in life. With the new release, he follows a post-breakup guideline that speaks of the hard fought dreams he’s pursuing, lack of money, lack of passion, boredom, lack of real relationships, which then takes the turn into experimenting with vices and pleasures all ending with a voice message to his ex girlfriend.

The introductory track “Bore…” is the first indication of how far this artist will be going as he integrates a calming blend of soothing raps, optimistic background sounds, and relatable lyrics. Although he speaks of the way life can be a bore sometimes, he doen’t lose the optimism to create a fulfilling and enjoyable life. He makes us feel like we need to feel the feels as they come up but keep it pushing or life will be a bigger bore than expected.

“Izolation.” dives into the lonely nights of self-discovery as he digs into his newfound habits of being a stoner and seeing life through rose colored glasses. He raps about the relatable thoughts that come up when we feel deeply into the emotions of loneliness. The synth-like sounds come together to produce a emo/rap track that soothes our minds while opening up our minds to the hard times we’ve just experienced this past year.

“Drugz.” has an intriguing sound with high female vocals in the forefront of the chorus of wanting to come together with his people again and get wasted and faded. These simple activities unite people throughout the country and it’s described as one of his favorite ways to bond with people. He gently raps about his hobby while keeping the energy light.

The final track “Oddz” features two distinctive artists Young Intellect and Raven to tell the story of beating the odds of those boring days by discovering new things to do. Each artist brings in a unique outlook to the solitude experienced in a worldwide scale. Their lyrics inspire listeners to continue moving towards their goals regardless of the hard times that may come up or the people who appear to want to pull us down.

Zeeish intriguingly captures our attention with his newest release of GEN OF PAIN: Story of Sticks and Stones, which not only puts us in our feels, but it keeps us anticipating the life we’re creating. This collection of songs is the kind to stay in our heads way after listening due to its simplistic range of sounds and his overwhelmingly assemble of positive lyrics. Zeeish simply doesn’t let us down with this new project.

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