Zone AM” – “Up n da Am””

Since April 24th, The Debut Album Release Of Up N Da AM” he’s been on the roll with no signs of stopping any!!!!! time soon he has definitely overcome a lot of new artists since 2020 has stated in Zone AM”s words and which I agree he’s King of the Decade and not the fact that the key has it release a music video is yet Rumor Has It that it’s a Up N Da AM” Playlist is getting ready to hit the world very soon in AM”s words he’s way in love with the music then music videos. He also brought to the Press that he has versus for any rapper in the game and who’s trying to come up in the game he also brought to our attention it there has been rappers subliminal him for a while but he just didn’t say who guess we are just going to have to stay tune or should I say in AM”s words Stay Zoned Up. and if you haven’t heard tag and links below.

Listen to Up n da Am” by Zone AM” on:




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