Zül-Qarnaįn Releases “Black Romance”

Zül-Qarnaįn is a hip hop artist, filmmaker, fashion designer and financial freedom fighter. Zül-Qarnaįn’s music is prolific and inspirational giving insight to the best way of life. His message is meant to enlighten, enrich, and empower the listener. Zül-Qarnaįn is on a journey to overcome obstacles and improve his life and others. Granted the ways and means to traverse the world and accomplish personal goals set, Zül-Qarnaįn’s brand will solidify him as a educator & leading figure in the market; sharing wisdom and knowledge with those who seek information.


Zül-Qarnaįn is a native of New-Orleans who infuses local and international culture in his music. “Black Romance” is a tribute to the greatness of the Black Woman & Man in America. In spite of all the traps and systemic injustices put in place to stop our growth and development the Black American as a whole continue to flourish, influence, and be a catalyst to the worlds pop culture. Black Romance is the first single off Zül-Qarnaįn’s upcoming project titled ‘The MESSAGE’. The song speaks truth to power as his words are rapped prolifically over a soulful beat seeks to raise the frequency of his people. Posthumously produced by long-time friend and producer Naim ‘Niyo’ Shakir. Zül-Qarnaįn’s melodic chorus implements Ralph Emerson’s “Black National Anthem”. The song is about self-love, reflections of the black experience and most importantly overcoming adversity in the celebration of identity.


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